Patio Sealer: advice on Patio Sealer and Sealants for Patios imagePatio Sealer: advice on Patio Sealer and Sealants for Patios image

Patio Sealer, Patio Sealing and Patio Cleaning Products from Smartseal

Any patio will benefit greatly from application of Smartseal patio sealer. This represents the best and easiest way to reduce ongoing maintainence and offers the patio the optimum protection from the weather.  

Smartseal Patio Sealer is available in 5 & 25 litres patio sealer and is easily applied BUY NOW. With your order a easy to follow step by step guide is available by download. This covers preparation of the patio prior to sealing and the application process.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Smartseal patio sealer is clear, UV light resistant & manufactured to BS5750 & ISO 9001 standards. It will penetrate & protect all porous patio slabs and flagstones.

PURPOSE: Smartseal patio sealer enhances the natural colours of the patio. The sealer forms a waterproof barrier to protect from soiling and growth. Smartseal patio sealer will also protect any pointing from the adverse effects of the elements.

Patio Sealer Special Properties

  • Resistant to soiling & staining
  • Enhances natural colours of the patio slabs
  • UV light resistant (reduced fading)
  • Inhibits moss, algae and lichen
  • Enables easier maintenance
  • Protects pointing
  • Easy application via sprayer, roller or brush
  • Increased lifespan of patio materials

Our patio sealer is designed to be used on precast concrete slabs. For indian sandstone or natural stone, due to porosity, a different kind of sealer is required. Please see sandstone sealer or natural stone sealer for further information.

On this website you can find information regarding the preparation of patios prior to application of patio sealer and future maintenance one the sealing process is complete 

For FREE EXPERT ADVICE on applying Patio Sealers call 01268 722500 or our online form